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Rising Rays Boarding School enrolled students for the first time in 1993 and was located in Bag Bazaar -- in the heart of Kathmandu Municipality.  For a brief period of time the school was relocated and rebuilt near Lagankhel Bus Park in Lalitpur.  As the school became larger and more established it moved once again, returning to Kathmandu Municipality and the heights of Dilli Bazaar near Putali Sadak.  Enrollment has increased to around 400 students and classes run up to the secondary level.  At all times the school has aimed to provide education to students regardless of economic status, ethnicity, or physical/mental handicap.  Towards this end, Rising Rays Boarding School has become affiliated with supportive organizations, such as Empower Nepali Girls, and other NGOs that provide financial aid (sponsorships and scholarships).  These organizations are vital links in the web of networking among local schools, teachers and principals.

Future Plans

Rising Rays Boarding School has recently purchased the property where the school is located.  This will enable the school to renovate and modernize its programs beginning with the new school year.  A foreign volunteer, Dhane Blue, who was a RRBS Vice Principal when the school was located in Lagankhel, has returned to Nepal and is once again joining the staff to help improve the situation of education at RRBS.  Please read his message to become acquainted with his background and present involvement.  In brief, he has worked in Chinese kindergartens and schools in Thailand, Taiwan and Mongolia over the past ten years.  He has plans to introduce Montessori teaching methods for classes from Nursery through Grade Three.  Please visit his You Tube channel where he has posted a couple of videos from Chengdu, China and help welcome him home to Nepal.