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From Our Students

Not all of our students are able to socialize via the internet.  Not every family is well off enough to pay for a computer and internet service.  So, those students who are lucky enough to be able to own a laptop and have internet access will become leaders and representatives for their classmates and friends.  In this way, students' stories, projects, and learning portfolios can be shared via the internet.  Other students may also share and communicate with friends and family members via video presentations.  Students can be recorded on video and their messages shared with the community during shows at the school where parents, brothers, and sisters can be invited to participate.  Students from the Computer Club will be more able to utilize this technological tool and they may offer individual pages -- see the photos at right to link to them.  Students may also share to create something to share via words and pictures -- look for their offerings here on this page -- to be posted with the aid of teachers.

Individual Student Pages

Recent graduates of Rising Rays Boarding School