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School Philosophy

RRBS has a history of more than 18 years of serving the community, including hundreds of families.  We have the hard-earned appreciation of our parents and from a very modest beginning, the school has made steady progress.  We at RRBS believe that we live in an age of competition.  With very limited material resources to meet an enlarged responsibility, we have developed a sense of commitment and accountability, striving to offer much desired quality education in an environment of utmost care. 

Every family wants its child to perform very well in the modern age.  Similarly, every child wants his or her problems to be paid attention to so that proper guidance is provided in a timely manner with the teacher as a friend and counselor.  Therefore, we provide our best to the children of all grades and ages so that they can feel at home as far as learning is concerned.  A child shouldn't be ashamed of not knowing an answer and asking teachers questions is important.  A mutual dialogue between student and teacher is essential when a student needs encouragement and support.

We are here today because we believe in the philosophy of sharing and caring.  Learning is a two-way process; while engaged in teaching, the teacher is also learning about the child, his or her student.  The child in front of the teacher is like a book.  A teacher must be able to 'read' that book before he can teach effectively.