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Students' Photos


Rising Rays Boarding School now has a You Tube channel where students can visit and see themselves as they were recorded participating in various school activities -- dancing, music, quiz competitions, etc.  Students in the Computer Club who are motivated to learn website design will also be invited to create and record their own videos for upload to You Tube.  Teachers may be recorded giving important lessons that will also be recorded and uploaded.  In this fashion, even if a student has missed a lesson, it is available online for review and study prior to an examination. 

Students can also earn academic credit by working on portfolios of learning.  These will be albums of photos and stories to record experiential learning that occurred during club activities, special projects, and field trips.  As learning does not only come from a textbook, if a teacher is familiar with a student's individual progress and skills, he can better inspire the student in self-directed learning.

Parents who don't understand this new approach to communication (in English) are invited to approach the school staff to schedule a parents and teachers meeting during which questions may be asked and the new programs explained in depth.  A large component of future English learning could come to include role-play in situational conversations, drama, and other performances that show a student's ability to communicate and display his or her knowledge.