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General Rules of the School

1.    Regular attendance and punctuality of teachers and students is requested and encouraged.
2.    Participation in all academic and extra-curricular activities is required for full learning.
3.    Students will not be admitted to their classrooms after the school gate has been closed.
4.    Students may not leave the school compound without the permission of the classroom teacher and/or Principal.
5.    Students should look after their belongings.  Textbooks/notebooks should be neatly covered with brown paper and a name label.
6.    Students applying for leave should submit a letter of request from their guardian(s)/parent(s).
7.    Parents are requested to make sure their child's school uniform and personal hygiene are satisfactory.
8.    Classes will run from Sunday to Friday except for government holidays and other 'off' days announced by the school.
9.    Students are not allowed to wear or bring to school valuable ornaments, goods or other objectional items.
10.  Any kind of loss or damage to school property caused by students will appear as a 'charge' on the monthly fee bill.
11.  The school management committee reserves the right to counsel, take action, or suspend/expel a student for appropriate reason(s).
12.  After admission, parents should buy a school diary for communication purposes between parents, students, and school staff.
13.  Teachers, students and parents should cooperate in keeping the school environment clean and conducive to better learning.