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School Clubs

To help organize extracurricular activities and training that takes place outside the rigid structure of the classroom environment, clubs have been created to attract students' attention to experiential learning.  Students interested in learning more about computers -- for example, Linux Operating Systems -- will become engaged in creating their own webpages for this website.  They can share photos, a self-introduction, and stories from their own lives.  Others may create dramas, skits, and dancing demonstrations for uploading to the school's You Tube channel.  Girls will enjoy the cooking club where they can learn other styles of international cuisine -- Thai, American, or Chinese, for example. 

Please let the school staff know which club your son or daughter might be interested in joining.  A tentative list includes:  Taequondo, Cooking, Music, Games and Sports, Scouts (Camping and Hiking), Computers, Nature and Science Exploration, First Aid, and Reading/Videos.